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What am I Looking at Here anyway?

Courier Connex is fairly intuitive, but it's always helpful to have a map. Even after watching our tutorials.

Connex Order Page Example.png


1. The from field will auto populate with your address. 

Need to have something returned to you? No problem! 

Click the green arrow (#2) to swap this to the delivery address!

Your account has a personlized address book -- you can update it  manually by clicking on the address book icon (#3) or if you enter an empty space at the start of the name field, it will automatically save the new entry in the address book when you hit save. The more information you can give us, the better! 


The green arrow will swap your pick up address as many times as you want. I mean, I don't know why you'd need it more than once or twice, but click away! 

The address book. Automatically add entries by starting the name field off with a tap of the space bar. This is great for regular clients, but it's dedicated to your account. Add whomever you want!

Once a recipient is saved to your address book, you can start to type their name in the "Name" field and the address book will auto populate with saved contacts.



4. The Order Details area. Not everything here will apply to all accounts. Some accounts use billing references, purchase orders, etc. If your account requires one you won't be able to place an order without it. 

If you use a generic login - say as an employee of a store - please include your name in "Ordered by" field.

Need something brought from you and then back to you? Select that return trip option! If it doesn't matter what order it goes in or if it can be split into two trips (to make it faster) let us know in the Pick Up or Delivery details below


5. Service Type. This is a big one! 

Our REGULAR standard service is SAME DAY. That is, we'll get it picked up and delivered SOMETIME today. This is our most cost effect option, but often people need things sooner than that. for them we have SINGLE RUSH SERVICE this will get something delivered in the next couple of hours. But what about something you need done in the next two or three hours? DOUBLE RUSH is probably what you need. But what about something that was supposed to be done yesterday? We call that a TRIPLE RUSH, and we'll do our best to get to it delivered AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

A couple of notes about service type: We do our best to accommodate deadlines, but we're still bound by laws and physics. We ask you add a couple of minutes to your expectations for big things, heavy things, and things traveling far distances. 

Setting a service type will alter the Delivery Time in the "Deliver to" field. That is an estimate for bike / foot work. Cargo times will not autmatically adjust. It's a little annoying. We know. We're working on it. 

Please select "Cargo" for packages over 15 lbs, or 800 cubic inches. If you're not sure, but assume it needs cargo, please select cargo! 

6. Before / After / At

If you need to schedule something in advance, you can do so by changing the date / time here. If you're booking something for anytime today, or now, you can leave these fields alone!


You don't have to select anything. Unless you want or need to! We take BEFORE / AFTER / AT literally. If you select one of those, we'll alter your requested service to reflect your requested deadline. Anytime we have to be somewhere AT a specific time, it's a TRIPLE RUSH! 

Our default is it's ready now, and can be done whenever. Anytime you change that, it can effect cost because you're imposing a deadline on your order. DEADLINES CAN HAPPEN ON PICK UPS TOO.



7. Details

The more information you give us, the better we can serve you! We have some common package types available from that dropdown, but you don't have to pick anything.

Please let us know if you're sending a 50 lbs box so we can send someone with the appropriate tools. 


Everything Ready?

Hit Save and your order is submitted, and we handle the rest! Which in this case is probably a delivery. 

If you have other Connex questions, just give us a call or send an email.
We'll try to fix it! And if we can't fix it, we'll ask the developer to fix it! 
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