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What's a Cargo Bike?

"There's no way you brought that on a bicycle"

Yes, yes we did.

Since the 1890s, bike messengers have been NYC's solution to last mile delivery.

For most of that time, we carried envelopes, moving paper based communication through the city streets. Then the internet happened, and suddenly ideas no longer needed a physical presence to be sent anywhere.

But the world needs more than ideas to function, it needs materials, and materials need delivery, and delivery means trucks, and trucks mean traffic.

If only there was a way to transport large, heavy goods faster than vehicular traffic.

Like, the cargo bike.

Long a fixture of the European messenger industry, we had the first Bullitt Cargo Bike on the streets of New York. After that, we added the first Omnium Cargo Bike. Now, we operate a fleet of many cargo bikes, each capable of carrying roughly 100 lbs (45 kg) at speeds up to 3 times faster than New York City's gridlock.

What does waiting on a vehicle delivery cost you? A blown deadline? A lost contract?

Our on demand rush cargo service will get your package there, before your deadline, and before your competition.


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