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Why Samurai?

What's up with the name? What makes us different?

Hiro at the Flatiron


The Samurai were the feudal lords of ancient Japan. What does that have to do with a New York City bike messenger service?

The word "Samurai" roughly translates to "those who serve." Our primary goal as a company is provide outstanding, reliable service to our clients. Our goal is to exceed client expectations in all aspects of operations.

To accomplish this, we have deviated from many messenger industry and "share economy" norms and standards:

- Our messengers are employees, covered by worker's comp and liability insurance.

- We utilize profit sharing to ensure a fair, living wage for all employees

- We operate a fleet of cargo bikes, capable of delivering larger goods, safely, and more

quickly than vehicles.

- We have a NYC based support staff, available by phone, email, text message

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Timmy Alicea
Timmy Alicea
Sep 09, 2022

Keep getting your packages 📦 and your business. You can

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